5 Tips to Get Organized and Reduce Stress

I think we can all agree, college is not all filled with fun times. It is hard and staying organized during our hectic schedules is even more difficult to do. There is always a point in the semester where you just realized that you haven’t finished your assignments or have any clean pants because you forgot about your laundry. Because of this I came up with these top five ways to a stress-free and organized lifestyle.

Planner. While I never thought planners were useful in high/middle school, college is a little bit different. It is extremely helpful to have something that you can write down assignments, due dates, and important events to keep you on track!

Colored pens. Another tip is to color code everything you write down in your planner. Coding things like school, sorority events, and personal stuff is an awesome way to keep things clear and straight to the point. I personally use the Stabilo Finalizer pens in the point-four millimeter point.

Clean out your backpack. Another way to stay organized is to clear out your backpack, purse, or whatever you take to class with you at the end of every day! Gum wrappers, random pieces of notepaper, broken pencils are not a pretty sight. Emptying my backpack everyday is a good way to keep open space for each new day in class. Something I have learned throughout my past three years at Western Michigan University is that things pile up fast! You need to keep up or you’ll be drowning in notepaper by the end of the semester!

To-do list. To-do lists are especially relevant to our busy college schedules. If you were to take anything away from these tips, it should be that to-do lists are your best friend in college. For example, my planner this past semester was filled with different to-do lists for all my classes and personal life! It makes what you need to do extremely clear. When you cross something off your list, it’s a huge weight lifted off your shoulders!

Make time for yourself. My last tip to all students is to make time for yourself, because it is hard to balance a healthy lifestyle and a successful semester! You will always feel a little overwhelmed or maybe a little more run down that you would like. Allowing your body to recover from your stressful week is just as important as your homework! College life is fun; I think we can all agree on that. However, if it takes staying in one night to catch up on some sleep and do your favorite face mask, then so be it!

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