5 Tips to Achieve the Best Summer Yet

5 Tips to Achieve the Best Summer Yet

Remember all those nights spent in the library hunched over a pile of books trying to study, constantly distracted by the countdown for summer teasing you in your agenda? Well, it’s finally here. Trade in your heavy jackets and snow boots for bikinis and flip flops, and consider these tips to achieve your healthiest and happiest summer yet!

1—Eat clean. I know it’s the most cliché tip in the book, but it truly makes the biggest difference. After spending all of second semester stressing and binging on Easy Mac and potato chips, it’s time to start fueling your body right. Eating clean doesn’t mean eating a salad for every meal (unless that’s what you want, then go for it, girl). You can find super fun recipes on Pinterest, like smoothie bowls. They’re not only healthy but they’re also delicious—and super easy to make on your own.

2—Go outside. Take advantage of the weather! Remember complaining about how cold it was back in December? Go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Yes, laying in bed binge-watching Orange is the New Black can be a good time, but save that for a rainy day. While it’s nice, go outside, be active, and enjoy time spent with friends. Today, my friend and I went on a hike—a workout in itself with a very rewarding view.

3—Drink a ton of water. Staying hydrated is something I’ve always struggled with, simply because I forget. Although there are many different opinions on how much water one should drink daily, most recommend eight 8-ounce glasses (about 2 liters), which is a lot. A majority of people don’t even drink half of that in a day, so to fix this, just bring a reusable water bottle with you everywhere. You’ll find yourself mindlessly sipping throughout the day. Not only does it help you beat the heat, it also keeps you full longer.

4—Always wear sunscreen. I know so many of us are laying out all day in the sun working for that perfectly tan skin, but if you don’t apply sunscreen regularly, it can be extremely dangerous. Skin cancer is a major concern, but laying out and burning in the sun also will lead to premature aging skin and facial sun spots. Do your future self a favor and put on sunscreen regularly, even if you’re only outside for an hour.

5—Relax. We spend so much of our lives stressing out about exams, homework, and getting a job once we graduate. Take time this summer to learn to cook, travel, read, workout, or anything that you’ve been putting off. Life’s too short to stress, especially in the summer.

How do you plan on spending your summer? Let me know in the comments below!