5 SOS Outfits When You're Already Running Late

As a college student, sleep is everything and sometimes making it to class is a straight up struggle. We’ve all had those moments when you look at the clock and realize that third snooze makes you significantly more late than anticipated. When you have about four minutes to get ready, your brain isn’t so much focused on how next level your OOTD is.

When time is of the essence and you inconveniently have “nothing to wear,” maintaining a sense of direction is mandatory to dodge the morning meltdown. No matter where you’re going, never overthink your look. Instead of channeling your inner runway model, opt for basics and style them around one statement-worthy piece. As long as the key players of your outfit are prioritized, getting ready in a flash will be easier than you think.

Here’s five effortless, go-tos for when you’ve hit the snooze one too many times.

1—MOTO JACKET + WHITE T-SHIRT. Nearly everyone owns a leather jacket and black jeans, so why not throw it altogether for a signature look that’s totally foolproof? (Photo via @cherileighco)

2—OVERALLS + TRAINERS. What’s more appealing than a “one and done” wardrobe? Save time with this street-style onesie. (Photo via @sarahdewald)

3—FAUX FUR + GRAPHIC T-SHIRT. Dress up your favorite band T-shirt with a statement coat to take your outfit to the next level. (Photo via @n_agem)

4—OVERSIZED SWEATSHIRT + JEANS. Not enough time to style your hair? The baseball cap is my go-to for dreaded 8AM mornings. (Photo via @riaxla)

5—PAJAMA TOP + CHOKER. Too lazy to change out of your pjs? Work ’em girl. Simply slip on your favorite pair of jeans and give your rushed morning a run for its money.  (Photo via @georgiacfashionista)