5 Reasons Why Details Are The Key To Success

As a junior graphic designer, I learned this early enough in my college and working experience  — details are everything and they do make a difference between what is exceptional and what is simply good. I firmly believe that this rule can be applied to all career paths and, dare I say, all aspects of life. Whether you’re already a perfectionist at heart or, on the contrary, you are too fast-paced to dwell for too long on the same task, you really should consider these reasons why paying attention to detail is a true game-changer.

1—Details are for those who care

Being very particular about your work and devoting time to each little part of your projects shows that you deeply care about what you do and that you value the opportunities you are given. This is not only your source of pride and satisfaction thanks to the results you achieve, but also a trait that many employers seek and appreciate.

2—Details show your personality and style

Some environments require you to adhere to certain standards. It is in these cases that small details do make a huge difference in making sure that your own personal touch is always visible and well defined. Especially in creative working environments, it is just as important to stick to the brief you are given, as it is to incorporate original and innovative aspects that make you stand out.

3—Details play a significant role in making a good first impression 

Showing up at a job/internship interview with a well-thought out CV and portfolio, as well as a clean, fresh look, does make a difference in how your (hopefully) future boss perceives you. You will instantaneously seem more trustworthy if you give off the vibe of being hard-working and careful with details in both your projects and your appearance.

4—Details are what makes up the quality of your work 

Even though it can be (rightfully) argued that most people will not actually notice each single tiny part of your work, it is still necessary for you to focus on those aspects while working on your project. In fact, it is the combination of all these small details that will give your work a personal style and quality.

5—Details are ultimately the key to success 

If you think of the reasons why all the most iconic brands and personalities reached their current status, extreme attention to detail is probably one of the most crucial. After all, what would a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes be without the iconic red sole? Or what would the difference be between an expensive Prada handbag and a $10 bag from your local clothing store?

How dedicated are you to details? Let me know in the comments below!