5 Festival-Ready Fashion Essentials

June 21st, 2017 at 2:00am

With the start of summer, comes the start of festival season.  Coachella kick-started festival season under California’s hot desert sun in mid-April.  While Coachella may be one of the most trend-setting festivals at the moment, there are several other festivals that take place all around the globe that have good music, food, and of course, fashion.

At the beginning of the month, I attended The Governor’s Ball Music Festival in New York City.  During my time at the festival, I noticed the different styles and hot trends that people wore.  Even if I am not going to a festival, I love to look at what others wear for daily outfit inspiration.  My style ranges a ton, but I am definitely a big fan of the bohemian look, which is a widely popular style at festivals.  Since music festivals tend to take place outdoors, it gets really hot!  Of course, you want to look stylish, but comfort is an important key!  Here are some festival fashion necessities that I came across:

1—Shoes.  While you may wear cute, fashionable heels or booties to a concert, wearing them to a weekend long festival will leave your feet screaming in pain.  Sure, the nicer shoes go better with your outfit, but I’m telling you—comfy shoes, such as a pair of sneakers or boots—are the way to go.  I practically live in my Converse shoes, so those shoes were by my side throughout the festival.

2—Jewelry.  I’m not saying to wear the most expensive jewelry to a festival, but I definitely noticed that, so far this year, layering a lot of jewelry is a major festival trend.  I saw many people wearing various rings and necklaces, like chokers and long chains.  You can dress up any outfit just by adding a ton of jewelry, and you’ll look super cute!

3—Sunglasses. Trust me when I say to bring a pair of sunglasses!  The summer sun is bright and not only will you need them when walking around the festival in between lineups, but when watching the performances as well.

4—Braids. A cute hairstyle at a festival is a must! Since it will be hot, keeping your hair up and away from your face is key.  Braids are a way to achieve that look in a cute way! There are several ways to style braids, and even add in hair accessories!  My go to hair style is two French braids.

5—Bralettes.  Bralettes add flare to any outfit and are a staple when styling outfits nowadays.  They are a comfy option when jumping and dancing along to your favorite set at the festival.

When it comes to festival fashion, it is important to wear something that you are comfortable and confident in.  Fashion adds to the overall atmosphere, which ultimately creates several identities at the festival!

What are your festival fashion essentials? Let us know in the comments below!