5 Dorm Room Essentials

While we are still in the midst of summer, school is coming up quickly for college students. Soon it will be time to pack your bags and make the trip to your new home for the school year. Figuring out what to bring can be daunting, especially for rising freshmen moving into a tiny dorm. Below are five essentials I was happy I made room for.

Photo via Need Supply Co.

1—Water heater. Having one of these saved my morning routine by making oatmeal, coffee, or tea easy. You can have boiling water in under a minute compared to heating up your water in the microwave.

2—Towel dress. A velcro closing towel dress was one of the best purchases I made freshman year. I never worried about dropping my towel on the way to or from the bathroom, which can be a concern while carrying your shower caddy. Also, depending on your room location, the bathroom could be a hike away.

3—Bedside pocket. A velcro or tie pocket on the side of your lofted bed is very helpful. Having a bed a few feet off the ground makes it hard to check your charging phone, read, or do work without having to climb down the steps to put everything away. The pocket makes it convenient to store everything you brought up to bed with you without having to give up the warmth of your blankets. Another perk of having a pocket that hangs off your bed is having your snooze button within reach when that 8 a.m. alarm goes off.

Photo via Nordstrom

4—Sound-proof headphones. Compared to standard headphones, sound-proof headphones block out all of the pesky dorm room noises, which can be nice when you’re studying or just need a break. Unfortunately, I only realized this halfway through the year and had to listen to the boys in the room above me dribble their basketball every night.

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5—Candle heater. In most dorm and apartment buildings, there is a strict “no candles” rule. If you’re like me, and Febreeze doesn’t cut it, I suggest buying a candle heater for your room. This way you can safely melt your Anthropologie candles, and make your room smell great without having an argument with your residential advisor.

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