4 Tricks for Saving Money in College

August 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

As college students, we can all admit to swiping, transferring, and cashing out on expensive lunches and online shopping sprees. Let’s make another confession: saving money did not make the list. I had my first wake-up call when I noticed that my wallet was getting fatter and not from cash but from crumpled up receipts. The money we spend on coffee during finals week alone is comparable to the price of a cute Zara top. Us college Fashionistas can have what we want (more clothes) and what we need (more coffee) without breaking the bank. Here are some tricks of my trade to ensure that you don’t let college run you dry this school year!

1—Use coupons or discounts. We are often granted discounts just for being enrolled in college so flash that student ID and keep your coins! If online shopping is most convenient for you, UNiDAYS is the perfect site. It caters specifically to college students, providing us with lower prices at the places we love most. From fashion to tech, UNiDAYS has us covered. Before clicking ‘complete your order,’ enter a coupon code and make your wallet happy.

2—Track your spending and detect patterns. Download the app for your bank to see your account status before heading to the ATM to withdraw money. This will prevent overspending or unknowingly skipping out on a reward for being conscientious. Remember that saving money is a gradual process; you may not see it, but it is happening.

3—Prioritize your needs versus your wants. I’d be lying if I said I did not struggle with this my freshman year. If you know that you need professional clothing for an interview, hold off on buying a new denim jacket. Only fashion enthusiasts understand how heartbreaking it is to pass up an item that you adore but it is worth it. Remember that during the time spent waiting to buy something, it could go on sale and then you have a valid reason to treat yourself for saving money.

4—Pick two days out of the week to splurge on food.  By no means am I saying that you have to detox fast food as soon as September rolls around, however, easing into this schedule can simply add more Benjamins to your stash. If this is not realistic for your lifestyle, resort back to coupons. Pocket Points is an app that rewards college students for staying off their phones while in class. The application detects when you are in a classroom and gives the user points once they keep the device locked for a certain period of time. Redeem the points in exchange for food/drinks at local restaurants and other businesses. All I can say is, I have not paid for fries at my favorite burger joint ever since I downloaded this app.

Let me know which tip was your favorite in the comment section below!