4 Tips for Productivity After a Long Day

August 15th, 2017 at 2:00am
4 Tips for Productivity After a Long Day

When you get home after a long day, the last thing you want to do is anything slightly productive. I personally would rather throw on pajamas and nap for a few hours, then wake up and watch Netflix. But because that normally isn’t an option, I’ve created four tips for productivity even when I’ve been working all day. Whether you’re going from your 9-5 to work on something creative like a blog, or you’re going from a long day of class to work on more homework, these tips will be so helpful!

1—Wake yourself up. In other words, don’t take a nap. Unless you’re some magical human being who can actually take a 20-minute nap, don’t even lie down. Drink some coffee or tea, turn on some pump up jams, or dance around your room. Do whatever it takes to wake up. It feels impossible, but I promise you’ll be thanking yourself when you’re done with your work before midnight.

2—Dress for success. This tip may be a cliché, but it’s true! Fight the urge to wear pajamas or even sweatpants, because these clothes will get you in the mindset of sleep. This doesn’t mean you need to add makeup or a pantsuit (especially if you’re sitting at home), but wearing comfortable clothes you feel confident in will translate into work you’re confident in.

3—Set the tone. Do the same thing every time you need to get into a productive mood. This could mean fixing yourself a coffee, sitting in the perfect chair, or even using the same notebook each time. I love to go to Starbucks to write blog posts, but because that isn’t always an option, I like to have something to sip on. Set the tone every time you work, and in a while, just the sight of coffee will get you in the productive mood!

4—Make a list. Whether you make a new to-do list or you keep a running list of tasks, writing down your goals is so helpful. You can write concrete terms like “Write a rough draft of my paper,” or you can give yourself more abstract goals like “Spend 20 minutes working on paper without a break.” Checking off your accomplishments is so satisfying, plus every time you’re not sure what else you need to do, you’ll have a full list written down!

What are your tips for productivity? Let me know in the comments below!