4 Things Every Busy Instagrammer Should Be Doing

August 10th, 2017 at 2:00am
4 Things Every Busy Instagrammer Should Be Doing

Instagram is the hottest scene to show off “how amazing your life is” to all your friends and followers. No one is going to post a selfie after just waking up. They’re gonna clean off, fix their makeup, maybe even reapply a bit, put on a cute “cozy” new shirt, take a couple dozen selfies, and finally edit the best one with VSCO and post it. The girl who seems to always be at the beach and at fancy dinners probably took pictures of each of her friends’ meals to post on different days and took 100 pictures at the beach that one day to post over the course of the week. Instagram is not reality. Let me repeat, Instagram. Is. Not. Reality.

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1—Take pictures of everything. I work downtown Chicago for an internship for half of my week, so I constantly take pictures of the city and the lake when I get the chance to. This gives me a pretty picture to post when I’m lacking the time to actually go do fun stuff to post about. Take as many pictures as possible so you always have something to post when you’re too busy to go take new pics.

2—Plan, plan, plan. With little free time, you have to use the most of what you get. Planning outfits, lunches, adventures, photo shoots on the few days you have off, allows you to stock up on photos. If you want to get really dedicated, you could change your outfit from one planned event to the next so when you post, it will appear as if they occurred on different days.

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3—Spread out posts. So you did go to the beach with your friends and had a blast and took tons of pics and want to post them all to Instagram right away. That’s great but don’t. Spread them out, especially in between other posts (maybe that delicious meal you had at that really cool restaurant) to make it look like you went more than that one time and posting one a day makes it seems like you’re doing fun things each day of the week instead of just one and then ghosting for another week.

4—Have real life fun. Sure it’s great to have super rad pictures to post on Instagram, but it’s not worth it if you spend your whole time taking pictures when out to dinner, forgetting to enjoy the company of your friends. Real life, even though it’s not as perfect as Instagram would make it seem, is far more rewarding than a few likes on a picture.

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