4 Impactful Adjustments You Should Make to Your Social Media

October 9th, 2017 at 1:07am

Your social media accounts have become so much more than they used to be. They are now almost like a résumé, an online representation of yourself, your brand, and what you’re about. Use your social media to your advantage—interact with your favorite brands, post consistently, engage with your audience. If you’re not sure how to get started, the best way is to start making small, but impactful adjustments to your current online presence.

market yourself

Show the world who you are, and don’t be afraid to present your honest self. Present yourself on multiple forms of social media—Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. Use each of your different accounts to portray who you are. Update your profiles often and post consistently. If you have a new job or internship, update your LinkedIn. Include important titles in your bios. I love being able to put Editorial Fellow for @Cfashionista in my online profiles. It not only shows what I do, but it shows I am proud to be a part of the community. Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself and your accomplishments on your social media accounts, and don’t be afraid to post multiple times a week.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

engage with your favorite brands

Don’t go unnoticed. Follow your favorite brands. Like, comment, retweet, and share. You never know what relationship could form just by engaging with your favorite brands and companies online. I followed an account called @Coffeenclothes on Instagram for months and I consistently liked their posts. One day, they posted an Instagram story about looking for editorial interns. A week later, I was an editorial intern for one of my favorite brands (and I still am!).

keep your profiles public

I promise it is worth it. If your profile is public, the number of people who can see your posts is endless. Be willing to share your life with the public. A brand may never see your profile or your post about how much you love their product if your account is private. Brands like Anthropologie and EM Cosmetics have replied to my Instagram stories simply because I tagged them and my profile was public.

PHOTO: Amber Sudra

produce high-quality content

If you are passionate about something, show it, and show it well. If photography is your passion, invest in a good camera. If fashion is what lights a fire in your soul, start a fashion blog. Quality over quantity, always. Be proud of the content you produce and post. If you aren’t happy with a photo you took or a blog post you wrote, don’t be afraid to miss a post that day or week. Be 100 percent happy and passionate about the things you post online because, well, they are there forever.

Have you received an amazing opportunity because of social media? Let me know in the comments below or share your experience with @Cfashionista on social media! 

Featured photo by Jordyn Wissert.