4 A+ Outfits To Fashionably (And Comfortably) Get Through The Midterm Period

It is a midterm period (a.k.a. the second most dreaded time of the year). During this crazy, busy time of the semester, it is hard to stay inspired, plan our outfits, and (frankly) care about anything that is not related to school. Due to stress overload, we tend to forget how to feel confident and good about ourselves. Luckily, fashion has a capacity to make you feel more confident and powerful, which of course might be helpful when you write a midterm.       

To save you some time, here are four outfits that will get you fashionably and confidently through the midterm period.

Outfit #1: Sweaters, layers, coziness, and more coziness is all you need while you study hard. Since your immune system is probably weakened, keep yourself warm—the last thing you want is to get sick. (Photo via: @_fashionistajay)

Outfit #2: Throw a cool backpack on! Honestly, there is too many books and notes to carry around in your tote bag. Plus, looking cool has never hurt anyone’s studying sessions. (Photo via: @lifesapietsch)

Outfit #3: Keep it casual. A T-shirt, jeans, and your favorite jacket are just enough to ace your midterm in! Friday is just around the corner, you can do it! (Photo via: @vanessasalernoxx)

Outfit #4: Life is already hard, don’t make it harder and jump into your velour sweatpants. Feeling comfortable is a must to focus on your midterms. Plus, sunglasses because no one has time to put makeup on. (Photo via: @howellmadeleine)

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