3 Unique Ways to Turn This Winter Staple into This Summer’s Must-Have Accessory

3 Unique Ways to Turn This Winter Staple into This Summer’s Must-Have Accessory

Tired of wearing the same old crop top that everyone seems to be sporting this season? Want to stand out in the sea of off-the-shoulder shirts? Why not be a little adventurous? Summer is here, honey. Be free. Be bold. Be different. Wear a scarf as a shirt!

That’s right, you can wear a scarf as a shirt. And it looks super cute. Revisit your fall/winter wardrobe and revive those lonely scarves! Here are three ways to wear this winter accessory for the summer that’ll have heads turning and eyes envying.

1—The halterIs it a scarf or a chic bodysuit? Nobody’s the wiser with this style. To get this look, you’ll need a long skinny scarf. Simply drape it on your neck as usual. Then, tuck the ends into some high-waisted bottoms and you are good to go.

I decided to use a striped scarf that gave off mod ’60s ad agency office vibes. I paired it with some vintage high-waisted striped jeans to play with the pattern-on-pattern trend. Then, I threw on some cat-eye sunglasses and satin slides to complete the ’60s theme.

2—The knotThis style is perfect for a day at the beach or a picnic in the park. You could use a square scarf or skinny scarf depending on the length of the knot you want in the front. Wrap the scarf around your back and tie the two longer ends together in the front to form the knot. If the ends are long enough, you could turn this knot into a cute little bow if you please. For a square scarf like I used, fold it in half so that it makes a triangle before tying the knot so you have two long ends to work with.

When styling this scarf, I fast-forwarded a decade from the first look. With the floral print, wide leg jeans, and fringe on the sandals, this ensemble is very ’70s-inspired.

3—The bandana. Is it the fourth of July yet? This is the perfect Americana look for chilling on some grass or sand and watching fireworks. Just take a pick from your plethora of bandanas, fold one into a triangle, tie a knot in the back and voila! You’ve transported yourself back to the ’90s. Everyone was wearing this in those days. Although, if you’re my age you were probably too young in the ’90s to be prancing around in just a scarf for a shirt.

That’s why I had a sense of accomplishment when styling this look. I can finally wear this trend without needing mom’s consent. I paired my rebellious red bandana with a vintage denim skirt and some denim slides to complete the red, white, and blue ensemble. Don’t forget the western style belt for an added touch of country.

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