3 Summer 'No Makeup' Makeup Tricks

August 9th, 2017 at 2:00am

With summer here, our makeup faces the perils of humidity and sweat. It may be easier to forgo makeup all together but I decided to step up to the challenge. Through tests and trials, I’ve found three looks that require only one item from your makeup bag (or are easy to add if you don’t already own them).

It’s All About the Glow

Under the summer sun, a touch of highlighter can go a long way. Full face contouring can be time-consuming and clog your pores if you’re sweating. Using highlighter adds a beautiful glow without getting in the way of sun-filled activities. Easy to wear, brush your favorite highlighter onto your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, the tip of the nose, and any part of your face that catches the light. For a bonus touch, add a glint to your collarbones as well!

For the Bold and the Daring

Switch up your eyeliner routine by switching out your blacks and browns for pinks and greens. While there are many ways to incorporate eyeliner, my favorite look is a bold cat eye. Using colorful eyeliner adds excitement and intrigue without using a lot of makeup.

A Pop of Color for Any Occasion

Lipstick is the secret to summer makeup. Perfect for any occasion and especially hot days, it doesn’t get in the way of sweating and can completely transform any look. Wear a bright red for brunch or switch to a deep purple for a night of dancing. Just slip your lipstick into your pocket, purse, or wallet to bring it with you anywhere.

These items are easy to add to your makeup bag and will minimize space your makeup usually takes up when traveling this summer. Every look works with any skin type and tone, as well as be tailored to work with any outfit!

How are you battling the summer heat? Show us your summer looks by tagging @Cfashionista!