3 Rock Albums to Rock to This Summer

I know that rock is not the most popular or desirable genre to listen to. I’ll admit that I did not used to like it! I thought it was loud and obnoxious with lyrics that could not be interpreted. As I get older and my music taste expands, I realized that there are different types of rock: psychedelic, heavy metal, and classic rock (not just screamo). Since summer is the perfect time to roll the windows down and take long road trips, here are some of the best rock albums to listen to.

  1. Open Up and Say…Ahh! by Poison—My favorite album at the moment. It is rare to find an album where every one of the songs are amazing. This 1980s heavy metal group was known for their romantic poetic lyrics (also their heartthrob of a lead singer, Bret). The song “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” gets listeners right in the heart and has them shedding tears wishing they lived through this glamorous era. This album is perfect to listen to at a barbecue or a pool party and is guaranteed to get everyone dancing.
  2. The Young and the Hopeless by Good Charlotte—This album reflects the pop punk era of the early 2000s. Besides Nicole Richie’s husband, Joel Madden, being the lead singer, there are more reasons to draw you to this work. Along with Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte was a huge hit during this time with songs like “The Anthem.” Everyone loves playing throwback music during road trips and this album is perfect for that. It is impossible not to sing along to the lyrics with the aggressive guitar in the back. It is socially acceptable to shake your head and do air guitar to this one, guys, it’s okay.
  3. Cross Road by Bon Jovi—This was the album the the mid-1990s. I remember my mother telling me that every girl dreamed of Jon Bon Jovi singing “Bed of Roses” to them. Bon Jovi is known for having that romantic glam rock sound, perfect for listening to on the beach or just taking a walk. Vintage is in: whether it is old movies, old music, or old fashion trends. When you tell people you know glam rock bands like Bon Jovi and Def Leppard you are guaranteed to impress them with your broad music taste.

These three albums show that rock music is diverse and is not always irritating to listen to. Some of the best rock artists and bands are very well-known. Music always sounds better in the summer, so let’s discover new rock music together!

Do you like rock music? Comment bands that you listen to down below!