3 Outfits That Fashionistas Would Wear to Work

3 Outfits That Fashionistas Would Wear to Work

I’ll be the first to admit it: business casual is not the most exciting or inspiring way to dress for work. With its muted colors, plain silhouettes, and drab fabrics, business casual styles leave us Fashionistas feeling a little empty when we walk out the door in the morning. But don’t fear, I’ve come up with three outfits that are appropriate for work but that won’t leave you feeling, well… unfashionable.

1—Denim in Disguise.

When it comes to looking professional, your favorite pair of distressed boyfriend jeans are a big no-no. However, most work environments will allow their employees to wear white, black, and dark wash denim—so long as they “dress it up.”

For your first outfit option, start with a fitted (but not too fitted) black denim skirt, keeping in mind that the length needs to be appropriate for the workplace. Add a flowy white button-down shirt (with a black tank underneath for modesty) and polish off the look with black heels and a simple black bag. Super easy, right? It’s also super chic.

2—Statement Accessories.

If your work dress code is strict or if you don’t feel comfortable wearing denim to work, don’t worry. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Or is it shoes? Maybe handbags?  Any accessory can help take your work look from tiresome to trendy.

Start with a normal work outfit, maybe some slim pants and a simple collared shirt. The next part is where it gets fun—pick a statement color (or two, if you’re anything like me). Bright hues like cobalt blue and fuchsia tend to be some of my favorites, but any other eye-catching color will work just fine. Be careful not to go overboard with your chosen color because you don’t want to look unprofessional. Some statement shoes and a small bag to match should do the trick.

3—Go Nude (not literally, of course).

If any color could describe our generation, it would be those pinky tans that seem to be popping up everywhere. Why not take advantage?

The skirt is the most important part of this outfit. Unless you’re going for the full monochromatic look (which is totally fine), you want to pick something that will complement the other pieces without being too harsh. I went for a black skirt with printed nude details. Add your favorite nude T-shirt, a blazer or jacket, and some heels and you’re practically runway ready.

How do you make your outfits stand out amongst a sea of suit jackets? Show us a picture of your work style on Instagram and tag @CFashionista.