The 3 Keys to Conquering Summer Layering This Season

June 21st, 2017 at 2:00am

One month in and this summer’s weather has been unpredictable, to say the least. Coming to you from the mid-Atlantic coast, we have seen an unruly trend of temperatures swinging from unlikely highs to unseasonably cold lows within the matter of a day. In order to combat the forecast’s uncertainty, I recruited an old friend: layering. In all honesty, layering has never been a favorite of mine. The word alone sends me into vivid flashbacks of my mom forcing a cardigan on me in my middle school years. Whether it is the pure necessity or the undeniable fact that I am turning into my mother with the turn of each day, I somehow put aside the trauma of my layering past and turned to it in this time of need. Guess what? I loved it.

I utilized several different techniques this season to keep my layering from becoming mom-like, but these are my three favorites.

1Monochromatic color schemes. One of the chicest ways to elevate your style while using minimal effort is by keeping the colors as simple as possible. All that’s required is a head to toe look in your color of choice. Not only will this make you effortlessly cohesive, but it also makes it easy to add pops of color or accessories since the rest of your ensemble is bound to match. (Pro-tip: White absolutely counts as a color pop!)

2Pattern mixing. There are multiple mentalities around pattern mixing. It’s truly a tricky styling skill to master, but following the monochromatic tip is an easy hack. Afterall, patterns in the same color will always look cohesive. Another easy tip is using two patterns from opposing groups (i.e., gingham and polka-dots). By sorting patterns into an overall group of either dots or stripes, you can easily cross-match.

3Alter lengths. Especially when it comes to summer outfits, you never want to be too bundled up. I find it easy to avoid getting too stuffy by mixing my tops and bottoms. If I’m wearing a sweater, I’ll likely pair it with a skirt or pair of shorts. This way I can layer without getting too hot and can easily stay seasonally appropriate.

Rainy days and cold fronts are bound to pop up throughout the rest of the summer. While we may not mentally be able to force away these cold fronts, I have a theory that a perfectly paired cable knit and short combo will have the same effect.

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