3 Easy Ways to Kick Extra Weight to the Curb this Summer

3 Easy Ways to Kick Extra Weight to the Curb this Summer

We all have certain times where we struggle with unwanted weight gain. The school year is almost always the prime time for this issue. Is it the late night snacking while cramming for an exam? The constant eating of greasy food served on campus? The girls’ night out when you drank those high calorie drinks? Pick your poison. These habits eventually add up on the scale. Here are three easy tips to help shed those pounds.

 1. Eat at home. We all want to fine dine every night. But let’s be honest, our pockets aren’t exactly full of money after a long, expensive semester. On top of that, finding the healthy choices on the menu is challenging. The bread before the meal and desserts after don’t help either. Eating at home allows you to monitor exactly what you are eating and how much you are eating. Cooking with coconut oil or natural sweeteners will make a huge difference when trying to eat healthy. Give your wallet a break. Take advantage of the summer breeze by grilling at home! Your hips will thank you later.

2. Trade in your margarita for lemon water. I am the first person to suggest a girls’ night out. However, during the summer, I would much rather have a day by the pool. Whether you want to admit it or not, those sugary margaritas and cranberry vodkas add up more than you know. Lemon water is refreshing in the summer. It is known to be a natural detox. Try sipping on lemon water throughout your week with the occasional end of the week glass of wine, and watch how much of an impact it makes on your tummy.

3. Enjoy the outdoors. I loathe exercising, which is why I found that doing other things that don’t seem like exercise helps pass the time. Something as simple as swimming, taking your dog for a walk, or walking around the mall can become one of the best exercises. These are all fun ways to soak in the summer weather and stay active enough to get your metabolism going throughout your day.

Now, let’s reflect. I’m a student who is low on money from the semester, low on time due to summer jobs, and I want to drop a few pounds. If I eat at home, I will save money and be able to pick and choose exactly what foods I eat. Switching from sugary beverages to lemon water will keep me hydrated. I can slowly detox my body without buying an expensive detox kit. If I take my dog for a walk a few times a week, we can both relax and enjoy the weather. Easy! Take these three tips with you for the rest of the summer, and watch yourself begin to feel and look healthier!

Did you find any of these tips useful? Let me know in the comments below.