11 Affordable Traveling Hacks You Have To Try!

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You see a travel inspo photo on Instagram, pull out your suitcase, log on to your computer and start planning an epic vacation. Then you take a look at your bank account. You then proceed to put your suitcase away, grab a pint of ice cream, switch over to Netflix and go back to bed.

Traveling can be expense. (Keyword: can.) But going on a vacation doesn’t require you to empty your savings and live off ramen for the next four months. With a little creativity, you can take a dream vacation on a student budget!

Check out these 11 easy traveling hacks to make your dream vacation a reality (and super affordable)!

Visit a friend living in another city. Not only does that mean a free place to stay, but also a great way to explore with like a local with a local! (Photo via @n_agem)

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A big brunch takes care of two meals in one. Hello, delicious eggs benedict and cost savings! (Photo via @annmarieelaban)

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A lot of museums and art galleries have student days, which often include free admission. Suddenly that “student” status is really paying off… (Photo via @sassofstyle)

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Limit yourself to a carry-on to limit those annoying baggage fees and time in the morning deciding what to wear. (Photo via @marthaeelman)


Public transportation is not only a super affordable way to get around, but is also a super great way to see a new city for the price of a train ticket! (Photo via @anj_schultz)

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Summer means festival season. Hit up a local fair, fest or carnival for some super fun times for super cheap! (Photo via @alessagabrielle)

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Use your phone for more than taking selfies. Apps like Hop Stop, TripAdvisor, Goby and Google Translate are all free and help make your vacation a bit more hassle free as well! (Photo via @lacysears)

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Going on a hike is not only a great way to connect with nature, but it is also several hours of entertainment, exercise and a breathtaking journey all in one! (Photo via @sarahdewald)

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Hit up a local farmer’s market or corner grocery store and make dinner. Not only will this save you money, but you will get to taste and experience true local cuisine from the comfort of your AirBnB. (Photo via @berrytrendy)

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Walking not only cuts down your spending on Uber, but you will see and cover a lot more ground that way as well! (Photo via @lauriseirl)


Hitting up a beach or lake is essentially like free (and natural) access to a pool. (Photo via @hazelsands)