10 Pinterest-Worthy School Supplies to Stay Organized This Year

September 9th, 2022 at 10:00am

Through my first few semesters in college, my worst habit was lacking the ability to maintain a steady organization strategy, as well as not having the most efficient school supplies needed. Some weeks, using a planner would help me, while others may have involved me just using my memory completely. Over time, I was able to create an organizational habit (as well as a proper supply checklist) that allowed me to excel in school; but, I could never find a way to make it cute. Being organized and prepared shouldn’t be boring, it should be fun yet efficient. This school year, I found some personal school supply favorites, and I think you’ll love them as much as I do!

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01. 2022-23 Academic Planner Big 12 Month 9.125″x11.25″ Gartner Studios

Available in Desert Flowers. $12.99.

My favorite way of staying organized in school is through a planner; not only can I record what assignments may be due on certain days, but I can also write down long-term goals for the school year. This planner, which is being sold at Target, is the perfect aesthetically-pleasing way to plan out your year. I’m a sucker for pastel floral pieces, so this fits well with what I’d call trendy!

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02. ZEYAR Highlighter Pen

Available in Youth Colors, Delight Colors, and Cream Colors. $11.99.

I have seen these highlighters all over my TikTok for you page. Not only do they work extremely well, but they also come in really pretty colors! I used to be someone who didn’t use highlighters, but I think they can be extremely valuable when taking notes, or even marking important parts on your textbooks.

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03. Post-it 4pk Mini Square Notes 1.4″x1.4″

Available in Warm. $3.99.

Regular sticky notes are so boring, am I right? Not only are you able to mark important pages in your textbooks, you are also able to flag important tasks with these notes! Some include staying hydrated, making sure you keep yourself moving, and ensuring that you’re in a good mood. These sticky notes can really remind you of a lot of important self-care needs while keeping you organized!

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04. WY WENYUAN 12Pcs Ballpoint Pens

Available in 12 Pack Colorful and 12 Pack Colorful (New). $9.99.

One thing I’ve learned throughout college is that most professors prefer pens for  assignments and exams. As a lefty who has an issue with smearing ink across my paper, this has become quite an issue for me. Though this is the case, we can at least make the process of writing with pens look cute! These pastel-colored writing utensils  are perfect for college; they look super cute and preppy, yet they are only black ink, so professors will still be able to understand your writing with ease.

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05. Comix Heavy Duty Plastic Folders with Clear Front Pocket

Available in Black, Blue, Green, Multicolored, Pink, Red, and Sweet Color. $16.19.

Why can’t folders ever be fun, and if they are, they usually have some random cartoon character on them? Well, these folders from Amazon allow you to have a little more customization when it comes to your folders. Each folder has a clear slip, which can hold a personalized paper of your own! If I had this pack of folders, I would create a page per subject, and decorate it accordingly. But hey, it’s your folder; you can do whatever you want!

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06. 17.5″ Backpack Lifestyle – All in Motion™

Available in Off-White, Black, and Pastry Shell. $34.99.

This is another item that has been all over my TikTok page,  and I absolutely love it. This off-white backpack is a staple piece when it comes to school supplies; it’s the kind of backpack that won’t go out of style. This backpack comes in two other colors: black and Pastry Shell (which I would describe as a warm orange). This school bag will match with everything you own, and can be used in so many ways!

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07. Sonia Kashuk™ Pencil Makeup Case

Available in Black Dot, Sage Faux Snake, Pink Faux Leather, Abstract Animal, Circle Striped, and Navy Puffer. $8.99.

Did you think Sonia Kashuk was only selling makeup brushes? Absolutely not! The brand also  sells pencil cases (which they call a “Pencil Makeup Case”). The amount of times I’ve lost pens and pencils in the depths of my backpack is insane; so, for me, owning some type of pencil case is essential. I love this puffer-style case, but they also offer multiple patterns and colors; some of the styles include black dots, pink faux leather, and more!

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08. LEAGOO Mini Stapler

Available in Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Pure White, and White. $8.99.

You might think that this one is completely unnecessary; you’re probably thinking how often would I really need a mini stapler? Well, for me, I could’ve used it way more often than you think. From friends asking me if I have a stapler, to professors gawking about how my papers weren’t stapled together (and they usually wouldn’t have a stapler of their own to help me with my mistake), having a mini stapler can definitely save you from some small inconveniences!

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09. Nicpro 3 PCS Pastel Mechanical Pencil 0.7 mm

Available in 0.7 mm and 0.5 mm. $11.99.

Now I know I said that professors prefer pens over pencils, but I am a die-hard fan of using pencils while taking notes. Considering I am taking notes at a usually rapid pace, I tend to make a few mistakes; unlike pens, with pencils, you can go back and easily fix your mistakes . I definitely prefer mechanical pencils like the ones above simply because they’re cuter.

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10. Mintra Office Spiral Notebooks

Available in 4×4 Graph, Pastel-College Ruled, Pastel-Wide Ruled, Poly Cover-Wide Ruled, Solid-College Ruled, and Solid-Wide Ruled. $15.99.

I don’t know about you, but I can almost never find any unique notebooks that aren’t terribly cheesy or too bland. While in stores, I find the most basic colors ever: black, white, bright red, yellow, blue, and green. Where’s the fun in that? With this pack of notebooks, you can live your aesthetic pastel dreams. Plus, it comes with enough notebooks to fulfill each of your classes. I definitely recommend having one notebook per course, it will make your life a whole lot easier.

Staying organized and prepared in school doesn’t have to be dull; it can be made fun through unique colors, additional perks/features, and much more. This list of school supplies is only the beginning of the many trendy supplies you can find online. Luckily, places like Amazon and Target have our backs when it comes to the latest supply trends; plus, both places and websites are easy to access for students (and almost always have discounts)! Don’t feel limited to your basic supplies that you’ve had for years; have a little bit of fun with it! 

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