WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

What to Wear

As college students, the scariest thing upon graduation is finding a job. We’ve been spoiled, having the privilege of going to school and entering the hallways of knowledge. Now, as our college years come to an end, it’s time to apply for jobs and enter the real world of work. After scoring the perfect interview, the next stressful step is thinking of an outfit to wear. First impressions mean everything, and that is no different from getting a job. How you dress not only reveals your style, but it shows the interviewer your professionalism and if they should consider you as a serious candidate.

The easiest outfit to create would be to grab your black slacks and a shirt; however, this Fashionista has made dressing for an interviewing both easy and chic. She formed a subdued look that only involves color in her dress. The mosaic pattern draws attention while the black makes her outfit classy and work-appropriate. Pairing the dress with a black blazer, black tights and black wedges gives this look a clean line throughout the body. This outfit is simple to recreate and you can add your own spin to it. This dress from Macy’s is a great start since it is the perfect combination of fun and professional.

ONE SIMPLE CHANGE: Swap out the wedge boots for casual ankle boots and you’re ready to go shopping at the mall.


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