WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

What to Wear

As far as vague terminology goes, business casual earns a spot near the top of the list. Determining what’s too formal or casual is often a challenge, leaving you staring into your closet with a blank expression. For women, blazers layered over crisp, white button-ups paired with a modest skirt is a classic go-to, but with the new year, why not amp up your look with a more fashionable take on business casual?

When dressing for an internship or a “business casual” workday, it’s okay to incorporate your personal style. This Fashionista sports the ideal look by balancing bold style choices with more reserved ones. She wears a conservative three-quarter sleeve teal dress with a loose bow tied above her hips, which helps give the dress shape while accentuating her figure. Since she is dressed for the workplace, she pairs the dress with a contrasting pair of textured tights as to not reveal too much skin. To spice up her outfit, she wears a chic pair of heeled booties, which help elongate her legs.

The true eye-catching aspect of her ensemble is her bold, floral statement necklace (which she made herself!) It’s buttercup yellow color pops against the teal dress while the remaining colors complement her outfit. She also wears a matching handmade ring to continue the floral pattern (check out her line, Scavenger’s Keep, for more of her jewelry and accessories designs, all made from things she’s found — or rather, scavenged). By pairing her floral ring and necklace with tights and booties she parallels winter with a glimpse of spring. Her statement jewelry combined with her feminine attire work in harmony to create look blooming in professionalism.

Don’t fret when faced with the business casual challenge. So long as professionalism is highlighted, you’re free to create a stylish ensemble. For accessories, keep to one piece of statement jewelry so you can avoid creating a distraction while still making a bold style statement. For all you Fashionistas, play around with the style, texture and color of your blazer to instantly update your business casual look. While each workplace will differ in terms of appropriate attire, avoid a look that’s bland like a piece of toast. Add some butter, sprinkle on the cinnamon and spice up your ensemble. It’s a new year, why not?

ONE SIMPLE CHANGE: Remove the tights to take this outfit from a day in the workplace to a night out to dinner with the girls.


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