WHAT TO WEAR: Girls’ Night Out

What to Wear

A girl’s style usually only resonates with either other ladies or guys. When dressing for the ladies, women will often wipeout all the stops that, quite frankly, men would not appreciate. It is the small details that women appreciate, like how perfectly a pendant attached to your tailored blazer, how perfectly waved your hair came out or how flawless your bun turned out. This Fashionista’s outfit is the epitome of girls’ night out. Only a woman would really appreciate her flawless sock bun and gold embellishment on her Vince Camuto booties. Women simply appreciate the smaller details that go into putting a whole look together, versus men who appreciate a specific look like elegance or comfy chic. For women, it’s in the details.

I spotted this Fashionista on my way to the dining hall as she was on her way to a fabulous day/night out in Philadelphia. The first question I asked was if she had flats stowed away somewhere. Her outfit is the epitome of glamorous girls’ night out. I immediately became green with envy over her Philadelphia adventures, but then I moved on and focused on her fabulous ensemble. This Fashionista went for the details, but picked a few. The sock bun and fur vest are obviously the main points of interest in her outfit. Her House of Harlow 1969 earrings and Vince Camuto booties with gold embellishment are the small details that support her overall look.

One Simple Change: If you opt for the sock bun during the day, unravel your luscious locks and let your hair down to create gorgeous waves for a date night appropriate look.


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