WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What to Wear

Happy winter everyone! The temperature is declining with each and every day. Colder temperatures ruin the desire to dress up. But have no fear! Just because it is cold out, that does not mean that you need to settle for big, baggy, gray sweatpants and ugly, old sweatshirts. There are many simple ways to keep warm, while still keeping your personal style.

Check out this Fashionista — she keeps cute and warm during these winter days. On a cold, January day where the temperature was around 15 degrees, she still kept it cute, comfy and warm. Her leggings make a smart choice for a cold day. They will protect her from the wind and will not give the cold hard feeling that jeans do after spending too much time outside. What next, you ask? A cute big sweater! A great sweater is a much better way to dress up in the cold than the typical sweatshirt that you see everyone wearing on campus.  The unique print on her sweater gives this Fashionista a sense of spunk and stylishness. She pulls it all together with a cute bow headband and a nice pair of boots. Any good outfit, even on a cold day deserves a good accessory like a headband or earmuffs.

So during the cold days on your campus stay away from typical sweatshirts and choose a cute sweater or oversized cardigan. Nothing says typical cold weather than UGGs and leggings, so change it up by wearing some riding boots or even a pair of combat boots. If you are not a legging person like me, then go ahead and pair the comfy sweater with a nice pair of dark skinny jeans.

One Simple Change:  Change the sweater to a white T-shirt and blazer and you have a great outfit to wear out to dinner with a bunch of friends or family.


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