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Stripes are often feared and looked down upon when it comes to the fashion world, especially when they are worn in bulk. They are usually paired with unfortunate characteristics like adding inches to your waistline and making you look extra bulky. Stripes have a hard time being combined with other patterns and end up in the background of outfits. But I’ve decided to stop fearing the basic pattern and if I want to wear stripes, I’m going to wear stripes!

Isabel Marant has displayed several looks from her spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection that happen to make stripes work for the outfit. She has included a sporty touch to each of the runway looks which add shape and style to such a basic pattern, like red and black stripes all on one dress. Marant took inspiration from the chill vibes she got after her trip to California. This definitely shows in all of her effortlessly cool looks from this collection.

I decided to dress up my stripes in my look today while still keeping a sporty feel inspired by Isabel Marant’s collection. I am wearing a sleeveless gray and white striped midi dress with red ankle strap heels. The sleeveless high neck line adds a sporty feel to the dress and makes it more appropriate for the summer heat. While I wanted to dress up my look, I thought the jersey material of the dress went along with Marant’s “chill vibes” from her own looks. I completed my look with a silver chain necklace along with the heels to dress it up. I chose to wear my hair up to accentuate the stripes and not take away from the look.

When summer comes along, bright colorful patterns often come right with it. I chose to stick with the basics today to show that you can look season appropriate without going all out on the colors and patterns. Isabel Marant’s collection inspired me to keep it simple while still looking fashionable. She also gave me some extra confidence — not all stripes are bad! For such a basic pattern it can be tricky to wear but as long as you keep it simple your look will look effortlessly cool, just as Marant did.

Get My Look: 1. The perfect black and white striped midi dress. 2. Black and orange ankle strap heels to add some color. 3. A chunky gold chain necklace to accessorize.


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