STYLE GURU BIO: Marlene Rios

Style Guru Bio

My name’s Marlene, but most people call me Marley. I was born in Southern California, but–stick with me on this–I’ve moved from Los Angeles to Fresno, Fresno to Miami, Miami to Chicago, Chicago back to Los Angeles and now finally Albuquerque. When I’m not in school at the University of New Mexico, earning my degree in Film and Digital Media, I’m fortunate enough to come back home to Los Angeles to explore the city. Although I definitely consider myself a filmmaker, I fell in love with fashion through film at a young age. I thought it was amazing how something as small as wardrobe could impact the way you see a character, and how that translated back into our everyday lives. I’m also fascinated with the way changing even a small aspect of your style can totally transform you. I’m a firm believer that how you dress can be a powerful artistic form of self expression.

Last year, I had the privilege of contributing to CollegeFashion‘s “Looks on Campus” and fell in love with street style photography; it’s such a great way to explore different trends and discover what you like as well. So I’m super stoked to work as a Style Guru and photograph some awesome Fashionista/os in their natural state, and to be writing STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK. As someone who often pulls inspiration for my own outfits from my favorite characters in film, then pulls from street style blogs to dress film characters, I’m thrilled to continue this intersection of various aesthetics. So, to wrap it up in the words of my favorite Doctor, “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”


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