STYLE GURU BIO: Allison Ramirez

Style Guru Bio

My name is Allison Ramirez and I have been involved in a passionate and consuming love affair with all things fashion since the tender age of four, accompanied with the secret kidnapping of my mother’s heels and countless fashion magazines of course. I am a sophomore studying Journalism and Fashion Merchandising, and am utterly ecstatic to be testing the stylish waters at Texas A&M International University for the spring 2013 semester. I aspire to write for a fashion magazine after the completion of my degree, and have dreams of opening a boutique. As I have always been one to go whichever way the wind may take me, I believe the possibilities are endless in the fashion industry, and as many incredible bloggers have done so before me, I wish to carve my name into the pathway to blogger success.

A lover of divine music, I believe fashion and great tunes go hand-in-hand. I find fashion inspiration in some of the most unlikely places, whether it be at a gritty rock n’ roll show, a weekend music festival, or a local organic cafe. But I must admit that some of my best discoveries and undoubtedly those that lie closest to my heart are those found at home on the Texas-Mexico border. Such findings illuminate the underlying reason why I feel such a profound gravitation towards the fashion industry. It is a constant force that evolves everyday, shaping our preferences and allowing us to dictate the image we project upon the world. It gives us the power to make a strike instantly, declaring who we are with a single glance.

I cannot wait to exercise my sartorial skills and capture the vivid inspiration behind the ensembles of the style mavens at my campus!


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