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It is around that time of year again. The sky darkens and the moral of Kent State’s students lower just as steadily as the thermometer readings. We are college students, and I know we are really busy. However, this does not mean that we can slack off on our outerwear selections. We need to protect our skin from chapping in style. Sure, I see a myriad of students taking the easy way out (throwing on a North Face). Is that really the best option my little fashion enthusiasts? I’m going to take the liberty and answer that question for you. No it’s not!

Due to the cold and treacherous winds, all we have to show off in our ensembles is our outerwear and shoe selections. Why should the weather win? Why should we dress bland in the chillier months?  Let’s think outside of the box like this week’s Fashionista. Trudging through campus, this Fashionista managed to dodge puddles in style.  I first noticed her excellent hat. In retailers and in countless numbers of blogs, one can easily see that this newer version of the beanie is must-have for this season. What I liked so much about her hat was that it was shaped a tad differently than all of those other hats. It was turban shaped. I was obsessed. This week’s Fashionista wore layers on layers to stay warm. She wore a basic nude t-shirt with a grey reindeer sweater and a pair of dark washed denim. In addition, she sported a large pleated and long grey sweater. This made her overall look fresh and laid back. Her accessories included three layered necklaces, a brown leather school tote and a pair of studded combat boots. This Fashionista’s ensemble is the perfect concoction for a dreary fall day.

Originality + a dash of practicality= an outfit to remember.


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