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I know I speak for a lot of people when I say that cold weather inspires me about as much as flipping through a gardening magazine. When the weather drops below 40 degrees and a slight drizzle has set in, I almost never leave my bed and when I do it’s in leggings and a shapeless v-neck.

This past week officially kicked off my time in Paris, which means a consistent forecast of 45 and rainy. Yet somehow the everyday outfits of the Parisians are immaculate. Knit sweaters, peacoats, leather booties and cozy scarves – you name it. It’s evident that the residents of this city have definitely tackled the cold weather in more ways than I could have ever imagined. It’s inspiring to see how they pull off these different looks.

I found this Fashionista walking from class on her way to lunch. The weather was in the 40s, and the sky was completely overcast (per usual). Her multiple layers and peacoat with a fur-lined hood gave off a comfortable appeal, yet she somehow still managed to make her entire outfit look chic by pairing gray socks and combat boots. A quick side note: Parisians typically tend to stray from bright colors or pastels, and instead use textures and layers to showcase their sense of style.

This Fashionista stuck to that unspoken rule, but the plum-colored hoodie gave just enough color so her figure wasn’t completely lost in a sea of all black. The combat boots are a solid alternative to UGGs or rainboots, which can lean on the side of uninspiring and drab.

Next time the cold weather or a rainy day has you feeling down, try out this Fashionista’s comfortable look. Substituting small elements into your wardrobe can add a world of difference—but that’s not to say adding a chunky necklace or gold watch wouldn’t help as well! Play with textures, test the waters with all black or simply invest in an ultra chic peacoat. Regardless of the weather, always stay inspired.


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