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Although there are plenty of things about winter that are unbearable (like freezing fingers and icy highways), there are still some things that keep me smiling through the chilly months. One of these things is fur—faux fur of course.

Despite all of the luxury and softness that is a fur coat or hat, it’s only acceptable to wear these items when the temperature is at least below 40-degrees. Although you can get away with a fur vest in early spring, the general rule remains. Naturally, I’m extremely excited about the surge of fur that I’ve seen around campus. All of the fur headbands and gloves have got me scouring the Internet for reasonably priced faux pelts. I’m currently on the hunt for a full, faux fur coat.

If fur has never been your thing or you’re worried about being consumed by it all, this week’s Fashionista has the perfect fix for you. The touch of fur around the hood is subtle and guaranteed to keep you warm.

Fur hoods are great for so many reasons. The first and most obvious is warmth. Beyond the practicality of toasty fur framing your face during a Chicago chill is the glamour it adds to your outfit. Before the mass production of clothing and introduction of fake fur, the elite only wore fur coats. Although yours may not be mink (and we probably prefer it that way), your faux fur instantly gives a look of splendor.

While the hood is fabulous, I love the coat just as much. I’m a huge fan of the peacoat and the cream and chocolate color scheme looks good enough to eat!

This holiday season, hunt through your mother’s old stuff or your favorite thrift store for fur outwear to complete your winter must-haves.

Check out my eBay collection of fabulous fur finds here! My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT.


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