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It was a quite chilly week here in Seattle with temperatures around 30 degrees (that’s really cold for a Californian!). During a walk home, I ran into this Fashionista wearing what might be my favorite Seattlelite staple: a flannel. But what makes this Fashionista unique is how she embraces this grunge style and stays so classy and beautiful; but she does not look so intimidating that the look hinders other flannel-wearers.

This Fashionista wears a great classic plaid flannel that fits her perfectly. It is essential, when attempting to recreate this look, to find a flannel that shows off your figure and is not too baggy, something many of my peers and I fall victim to. Try this flannel from Urban Outfitters or try your local vintage store.

This Fashionista is smart in her choice to pair her flannel with gray jeans. It adds more personal style to her look. I suggest some corduroys to add texture and warmth during these cold winter days. Try these from Forever 21.

My absolute favorite feature of this Fashionista’s outfit is her boots. I love the look of combat boots especially on women. I think they are a great statement and a way to add a modern, personal touch to your style. I also love the look of brown combat-inspired boots, like these Steve Madden boots from

This is a great look for the cold weather this season, as well as a perfect college look that you can find at your local vintage store.


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