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While jeans are probably the most essential and universal look in the world, it does not mean we can stop improving them. In fact, it is quite the opposite! Jeans are a staple of every girl’s (and boy’s) wardrobe that will never be out of style and can always be done differently.

One of my particularly favorite trends of the ever-evolving jean is the boyfriend jean. Let’s be real ladies, sometimes I think we all need a break from our skintight skinny jeans. So what better way to do so than to pull a 180? This Fashionista shows us a perfect and classical way to rock the boyfriend jean. She sticks with the basics and it works. Additionally, the fit on her jeans is perfection. One of the most difficult but important things when finding and wearing a pant of this cut is to find the perfect fit. And while it may take some searching, it will be worth it. This Fashionista shows us how to make the boyfriend jean a great look for a day at school. But this trend does not stop there.

Loose basic jeans give us the opportunity to play up our top half. It gives us the liberty to wear that crazy shirt or a short cropped top because our bottom half will even us out. Another way to wear this trend is to offset it with feminine pieces. Pairing boyfriend jeans with a pair of heels, a blouse and big jewelry is a great way to rotate out your everyday pants and create a great contrast. Even more, these jeans can be worn perfectly cut, as our Fashionista shows us, or almost ripped to shreds. Either way they will look cool. Boyfriend jeans are a bandwagon we should jump on without hesitation for their versatility is incredible.


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