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In the District, fall lasts about a solid week. It’s a quick transition from summer to winter, which usually occurs in the early days of November. Mother Nature held out for us a little longer this year and just recently made it cold and windy enough for us to pull out our parkas, fuzzy socks and even some hot coco. Since most of fall in DC is filled with light breezes and hot sun, there isn’t much time to switch over your closet and pack in your sweaters, boots and leggings. On one of the coldest days we’ve had thus far, I spotted this Fashionista ready to take on the wind and snow in a chic and warm ensemble.

Everyone is talking about oversized sweaters. They have been (and always will be) perfect for walking through campus and attempting to stay warm. However, they also add an element of style to a look that you can’t achieve otherwise. Oversized sweaters allow you to try new things with your wardrobe, like mixing and matching underneath or bringing in new textures to spice up your look. This Fashionista rocks her oversized cardigan opened up slightly to show her trendy ensemble underneath. She adds a pair of black combat boots, tied loosely for a worn look, which complements the slouchiness of her sweater. This Fashionista’s cross-body bag adds a pop of color and texture with it’s blue hue and metal embellishments. She completes her look by bringing in a teal beanie for warmth and style.

While we all love oversized sweaters, the real trend in this look is the beanie. I give credit to Brian Lichtenberg and Cara Delevingne for designing and rocking the staple “Homiês” beanie. This Fashionista wears a slouchy teal beanie, which adds another bright color into the look, contrasting her dark boots and leggings. Beanies are the perfect winter accessory due to their obviously warm and stylish nature. When you’re all bundled up in a puffy jacket and your outfit can’t be show off through campus, a simple beanie will at least send off the message that your look is noteworthy and you can work some edge.

Even though winter is certainly cold and I can’t stand the frigid walks to class, the trends are amazing. Between beanies, scarves, oversized sweaters and fuzzy socks, there’s never a reason to resort to your sweats. Even if you do, by adding a beanie you can spice up your look and take the outfit from traditional sloppiness to comfortable chic.

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