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We’ve all come across couples wearing matching outfits before. Some of us might find this adorable, and some of us not so much. While not every couple aspires to be like Kim and Kanye sporting the same head-to-toe ensembles, some do like to express their similar senses of style. Matching items rather than entire outfits is a great way to include your significant other into your own style.

Take this couple for example who sported the same sneakers (in different colors) for a “his and hers” moment. While interning in the city last summer, I took notice of the large number of athletic shoes around me. I was always used to seeing people walk to work in them, and of course sneakers are seen on the feet of joggers everywhere. But this was the year that I saw many people incorporating sneakers into both casual and dressy outfits. This couple is wearing New Balance sneakers, but similar styles can be found at Zara.

This power couple paired their kicks with dark-washed denim and knitted pullovers. Whether you’re a “Plain Jane” or like to experiment with prints and patterns, a nice pullover will do you justice. While this Fashionisto opted for a classic wool coat, this Fashionista stuck to a navy blue parka that she added her own twist to. The pop of color on her scarf adds a great contrast to the simple tones of the rest of her outfit; it also matches perfectly with her sneakers!

If you’re not the type to go for a run every morning but still love some running shoes, don’t worry! As brands such as Nike continue to design more fashionable sneakers, the options are becoming endless. Pairing some kicks with everything from a classic pair of jeans to even skater dresses is becoming more popular by the day. This is also a great opportunity to match with your beaux!


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