Warmer days are finally ahead. With the temperatures rising, we are gently reminded that Spring Break is slowly creeping up on us. After a long, cold and very bundled up winter, we realize that hitting the gym may be a better idea then once anticipated. Going to the gym or a workout class is not always easy to get to. There’s the whole getting out of bed thing to overcome, and then actually putting on workout clothes. Well, if us Fashionistas/os learn anything today, it should be that when you have stylish workout clothes, the gym is closer than might have thought!

This fit Fashionista embraces the warm weather as she happily goes to the gym. She takes workout gear to the next level by wearing these unique black and blue workout pants with blue detailing of a cutout flower on the upper thigh. This subtle detail exposes some extra skin and adds an element of interest to the typical black yoga pant. The pants also sport a blue band across the waist. For the top of the ensemble, this Fashionista is wearing a black tank top with a deep V-neck and a large cutout in the back where the two straps meet. The sneakers this Fashionista is wearing have shades of bright greens and blues and are the perfect pop of color in any workout wardrobe.

This Fashionista showcases the perfect outfit to make you want to get out of bed and into the gym or studio. The yoga pants and top go together perfectly; the cutouts add the perfect components of surprise and intrigue to the outfit. The bright colored sneakers are a great item to have in any Fashionista/o’s workout wardrobe, as they can be mixed and matched in many different outfits with complementing colors. With stylish workout clothes like this, the only issue you will struggle with in the morning is picking out what workout wear you want to sport that day, not getting out of bed!

One Simple Change: Going to class after the gym but have no time to change in-between? Not a problem! Throw on a leather or denim jacket (depending on the weather) and you are just the right amount of covered up to sit through the 300-person lecture keeping you from getting your spring break body in check.