Whether you’re working off that St. Patty’s Day feast or trying to make room for cool summer treats, hitting the gym during this time of year is never a bad idea. While it seems like everyone else is just out enjoying the warmer weather and working out seems dreadful, just think how great you’ll look for the fast approaching swim suit season! Not to mention, it’s a perfect excuse to get your hands on the endless options of cute athletic apparel. To some, looking fashionable while burning calories seems completely unnecessary, but for Fashionistas like this one, looking dapper is an opportunity to make a statement, look confident, and feel amazing.

This Fashionista sports the ultimate workout wear that exudes a fierce, high energy vibe. Her her bright pink half-zip sweatshirt adds an extra touch of spring to the evolving outdoors, while her simple black leggings remain versatile and sleek. Since it’s still a bit chilly here in Chicago, she throws on another thin fuchsia jacket for added warmth.

Her adorable Nike’s complete the look by verifying this is indeed workout attire. I like how the peach-orange detail on the shoes, isn’t super matchy match with the outfit. They incorporate fun, simple colors that can honestly be paired with any combination of crazy workout apparel hues and trends.

Be inspired to whip into shape with this fashionista’s on-trend gym style. She looks completely ready to get in gear for a solid workout while still looking polished and put together.

One Simple Change: Transition into a warmer spring/summer workout by replacing the jacket and sweatshirt with a bold tank top in a cooling fabric.