Working out in the winter definitely takes some serious motivation. For me, working out in general takes a lot of determination, especially in the winter when it is cold and miserable outside. Working out in style is totally a way to motivate yourself. Workout clothes can be just as cute and trendy as a normal everyday ensemble if you do it right. The gym here at URI is free for all students, as it is at a lot of universities, so this is something we should all be taking advantage of.

This Fashionista caught my attention with her workout ensemble. I spotted her on the way to the gym mostly because of her eye-catching bright pink sneakers. Her sneakers are adorable and can be spotted from a mile away. Her pink sneakers have a hint of blue, which tie in greatly with her exercise leggings. Her leggings are black with a trendy blue design down the side of each leg. She decided to throw on a URI T-shirt to show some school spirit and match her pants. With an outfit like this, working out is not such a struggle.

One Simple Change: With a few changes, this outfit can definitely be worn for more than one occasion. This Fashionista can ditch her exercise leggings and sneakers, throw on a pair of jeans and chic boots and be ready for class. She can also add a rad cardigan over her URI shirt making a school T-shirt outfit look super cute.