It’s almost bikini season, so you can catch everyone prepping for their Spring Break body at the gym! Be prepared to see people you know while exercising. With that being said, you need to be somewhat presentable when you workout. Don’t let the gym be an excuse to dress like a slob; workout outfits can still be cute and fashionable! Let your exciting workout attire be extra motivation to hit the gym!

On top, this Fashionista wore a neon pink Victoria’s Secret sweatshirt. Who said workout clothes can’t be fun? Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors and patterns! For bottoms, she wore simple black spandex leggings, which are perfect for almost any occasion. Working out requires a lot of movement so be sure to wear bottoms that are stretchy. For shoes, she sported black and white Nike running sneakers. Everyone needs a good pair of running shoes, but be prepared to splurge a little on sneakers. While being active, it’s important to have firm and stable shoes. Don’t forget to stay hydrated while exercising! This Fashionista came prepared with a lime green refillable water bottle. Buying water adds up so, get yourself a water bottle that you reuse!

One Simple Change: This outfit is perfect for a study session in the library! I would change the sweatshirt for a short sleeve tee and layer with a jacket. If you get too warm, just remove the jacket and if it gets too cool, throw the jacket on. I’m not sure about you, but I always go back and forth with being hot and cold, so layering ensures that I’m comfortable.