College students who commute to class know all too well that taking advantage of the free fitness center offered on (most) campuses is a task in itself. The idea of changing and/or going home to change can be exhausting. You have been in class all day and the whole trying to find a parking space on campus situation sounds very unappealing. Add the chilling temperatures to the mix and motivation can be gone in an instant.

However, one can skip all the hassle and daunting tasks to by simply pairing an everyday piece layered over your workout ensemble in the morning before class. Any Fashionista can look effortlessly stylish in a casual and comfortable outfit for her workout after class.

This Fashionista layers her workout tank top under an off-white crewneck sweater and a bright wool scarf. The pink, green and brown colors that make up the on-trend chevron pattern add flair to her outfit and stand out against her light cotton sweater.

She adds a pair of jogging pants and bright blue Nike sneakers to her ensemble, creating a warm, comfortable and stylish while saving time in the process. Furthermore, she adds her own touch to created a customized look.

Learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in college is achievable and essential. In fact, the overwhelming, endless amount of food options on campus can be a positive thing. Many places on campus offer low fat, organic and/or vegan alternatives to promote healthy living and work as motivation for college students.

One Simple Change: Are you and your girls having a girl’s night out later? Complete this look by adding a pair of  knee-high boots and a matching bag.