Second to the library, the gym is arguably one of the busiest places on any given college campus. It is almost impossible to go without seeing at least one person you know. For that reason, as crazy as it sounds, it is imperative to look somewhat presentable while working out. As great as that “just rolled out of bed look” works for your 8:30 a.m. classes, you will want to put a little more effort into your exercise apparel than a ratty looking T-shirt.

If you are going to be stuck on the treadmill for 30 minutes, you might as well make your outfit fun. To make a statement, this Fashionista wore patterned capri workout pants to go to the gym. These pants, paired with a solid tank top, are perfect to wear when it gets a little cooler out. Whether you are looking to splurge or save, decorative pants are a simple way to spruce up any gym attire.

If you are not a fan of pants while working out, running shorts are an equally effective way to maintain style while keeping away sweat.

Running shoes are typically something you’ll want to invest money in to ensure they are supportive for your feet while you are active. This Fashionista proves that lightweight and supportive running shoes can still be colorful and fun.

From cardio to weight training, wearing exciting workout clothing can give you the extra motivation you need to get yourself to the gym every day.

One Simple Change: This outfit is perfect for a study break. When you’re heading back to the library, switch your tank top with a soft long sleeved shirt to stay warm and focused on your schoolwork.