The only thing harder than actually waking up to attend class is waking up to go to the gym. When it’s below freezing outside, it can be extremely hard to change into athletic clothing and head to the gym. Luckily, athletic brands have been making it easier to want to go and work out by adding more stylish and trendy pieces.

One of my favorite athletic clothing trends has got to be neon. I love a good pair of neon tennis shoes, as well as neon stripes running down the sides of jogger pants or workout tank tops. Though typically used as a way to be safe when running in the  dark, pops of neon have now become a great way to workout and look stylish at the same time.
This Fashionista shows us why neon has become such a trend in athletic wear lately. The pinstripes down her athletic top are extremely slimming, while the hints of coral are a fun way to add pops of color to her workout attire. Even her tennis shoes are sporting neon colors, tying her workout outfit together perfectly. Though it’s tempting to head to the gym in nothing but sweatpants and baggy clothing, there are many different stylish alternatives.
It can be hard to convince yourself to go the gym (especially when things like Netflix and Krispy Kreme exist), but laying out cute workout clothes the night before can be a great motivator.
One Simple Change: Rushing to class after your big workout? Swap your tank for a fun graphic T-shirt and jogger pants for boyfriend jeans, and you have a casual chic look that’s good for any occasion.