We’ve all got our favorite way to workout, whether it’s running, yoga or swimming. This Fashionista personally loves to get her shake on at Zumba! I love the high energy and fun nature of these workouts, and I also love seeing what fun workout gear girls come to class in. I’m always impressed by the variety of fun and stylish activewear available. This week, my instructor was dressed like a true Fashionista!

She has her hair in a classic ponytail, which is effective for keeping hair out of your face, but also is fun to flip around while you’re shaking off calories at the gym. Her gold sweatshirt isn’t just a perfect outer layer for her walk to the gym, it’s also part of her official instructor uniform. Sweatshirts similar to this one come in tons of colors that can keep you warm on your way to the gym or during a chilly morning run.

What really caught my eye about this Fashionista’s outfit were her pants. They are black capris with gold ribbed trim at the bottom and the Zumba logo down the back of the leg. I thought these pants were so fun and matched her gold sweatshirt perfectly. There are many different types of Zumba apparel, and these pants are great because they are loose and comfortable to dance in but cropped so that her students can see her fancy footwork in class. This Fashionista’s Nike sneakers add to the fun vibe of her outfit, and the neon color on the sole makes it easy to follow her moves. Overall, this outfit is great for working out, and this Fashionista kills it with both her Zumba moves and her style!

One Simple Change: For an all-nighter at the library, switch the pants out for your comfiest leggings. You’ll be comfortable enough to settle down and study for a few hours.