It is that time of the year again. Time to actually follow through with your New Year’s resolution to work out. Up to this point, you have been pretty good keeping up with your schedule. But once you hit the end of the first month, it always starts to slide. Trust me, I know from past experience.

This Fashionista plans to keep up her resolution to go to the gym and also plans to look good while doing it. She wears a simple black yoga pant to keep a comfortable shape and style to her outfit. She pairs this with a Nike workout long sleeve. The purple long sleeve has added effect with ruching around the top to add shape to an otherwise plain top. She added a white lululemon headband to tie the look together from head to toe, and she throws on a black furry vest to keep warm on her walk over to the gym.

The most important thing when dressing for the gym is to find the balance between a functional look and something that still shows off your personality. This Fashionista has taken this in stride and her confidence shines through this outfit.

One Simple Change: Are you trying to fit in a quick workout in between classes, but the stress of not getting back in time to change freaking you out? Keep on your yoga pants, throw on a oversized knit sweater, a scarf and tie your hair up and you have a quick and easy transition from class to the gym. Maybe you can even get a few more reps into your workout! Keep up the good work.