When I spotted this Fashionista jogging towards the gym hoping to get her workout on, I noticed her style was very similar to mine—cute and casual. On top, she wore a cozy sweatshirt that is perfect for going to the gym where you are bound to get hot and sweaty. Why wash a snazzy button-down coat when you can quickly throw a sweatshirt through the wash and dry cycle? As for bottoms, this Fashionista wore a pair of comfy black leggings that are perfect for almost any occasion. Going to the gym? Lace up a pair of sneakers. Going to class? Slip on a pair of knee-high boots. Night out on the town? Time to get out those high heels.

As for her hair-do, she opted to braid her brunette locks so that they stay out of the way as she jogs around the indoor track. Also, she sported a black headband as a precaution against any sweat that might make its way into her eyes. Who wants sweat in their eyes? I certainly don’t! Last but not least, this Fashionista came well prepared with a purple water bottle that is capable of being filled time and time again. No one wants to blow $1.50 on DASANI every time.

This Fashionista has it going on. And did anyone happen to notice the red, white and blue in her outfit? Whether intentional or on accident, these are perfect colors to wear since the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

One Simple Change: Invest in a pair of gloves to keep your fingers warm as you go about your weekend activities. Why settle for rough and cracked when you can have soft and supple?