As a fashion writer, it’s sometimes easy to get caught up in photo appointments, interviews and deadlines. Scheduling healthy and truly challenging workouts into a schedule that doesn’t naturally include them can admittedly be tough. Watching my soccer-playing boyfriend and running sister makes me realize that fitness fits really well into their lives, but we all can’t be so fortunately talented. Sometimes, fitness requires going out of one’s comfort zone to develop a peaceful mindset and a strong body. While I’m inspired to improve on this, fortunately I’ve also seen some great examples of how to dress for workouts on campus. This Fashionista demonstrates that simplicity with a little funkiness can make workout wear appropriate for treks to campus, as well as suitable for time spent in the gym. She also shows that a toned body and fresh face take even basic workout gear to the next level!

This outfit looks fit for all terrain. The Fashionista’s classic black Ray Bans are the perfect choice for outdoor activities like kayaking and hiking. With our school located nearby the coast and a special recreation program on the water, there’s no reason not to soak up some sunshine! Her gray long-sleeved top is special because of its versatility. It can be layered, mixed and matched to become more than workout gear, but it is also flattering as a basic piece. In a culture of tank tops and leggings, sometimes it’s nice to feel secure on top while exercising! Her shirt isn’t thick, so it avoids overheating, but won’t require any adjustments during workouts.

Of course, this Fashionista isn’t about to overheat at the gym, either. Showing off toned legs in action makes for a motivating gym experience. I really think fun shorts are the key to any awesome workout look. Neon, dotted, striped or, in this case, tie dyed shorts can show off your personality. The Fashionista’s choice of grayscale tie dye keeps the look from being overwhelming, but definitely adds some interesting details. Investing in a classic pair of workout shorts absolutely adds weight to visiting the gym! If you look good, you most likely feel good.

One Simple Change: Trying to workout in the winter? Change your shorts out for some fun patterned leggings! A general rule for the gym: Solids on top and patterns on bottom make the best pair.