“New year, new me.” I’m sure by now you’ve all heard this phrase about a million times as we head into 2015. With any New Year, comes New Year resolutions. So for this week I thought I would highlight on one of the most popular New Year resolutions: working out.

For me, working out definitely isn’t one of my favorite pass times, seeing as I would much rather be curled up on the couch watching Netflix. However as I, and many of my fellow peers, are working towards a healthier lifestyle this New Year, combining fashion and fitness is a perfect way to make sure I actually make it to the gym.

This Fashionista is a perfect example of fashion meeting fitness. She is completely ready take on any workout, while remaining cute and effortlessly composed. My favorite aspect about this Fashionista’s outfit is her loose fitting, zip-up jacket. This jacket alone could make any outfit stylish, but it is perfect for the gym as she can throw it on any time before or after her workout.

Underneath, she has paired a bright pink lululemon top with a pair of classic black crop leggings and black Nike shoes. This top is such a fun color and is especially perfect during the dead of winter to brighten up your workout. It also has a cutout detail in the back, which adds a unique aspect. This tight fitting gear is perfect for any type of workout you may be feeling for that day. From yoga to running and even lifting weights, you’ll be prepared and looking fashionable!

The phrase “look good, feel good” comes to mind when I think about making fitness fashionable. Looking cute gives you confidence, and feeling better about yourself while you work out will give you the motivation to push through and work toward your end goal of a healthier, happier lifestyle!

One Simple Change: To add some variety to your workout gear, try switching up the focus color of your outfit from just your tops by adding a pair of bright colored Nike shoes, or if you’re feeling daring try out a pair of bright-colored leggings!