This Fashionista caught my eye with her sleek white sneakers and her slouchy gray sweater. The Fashionista’s self-confidence not only beamed through her workout but so did her shoes, which demonstrates that you can feel comfortable when you workout and still add a touch of your personality to your look. If you feel good then that means you look good. I feel that this Fashionista’s outfit not only made her look good, but also gave her an extra boost to her self-motivation to get the most out of her workout and work hard.

This outfit is appropriate for any workout you want to participate in from a stroll in the park to an intense workout session on the tennis court. It does not matter what type of exercise you enjoy doing as long as you are comfortable and wear the appropriate attire to safely perform the workout routine. This Fashionista’s outfit is functional, fashionable and still includes her personal touch. She paired her black Nike leggings with a gray funnel neck sweatshirt and a pair of signature footwear, which is what initially intrigued me about this outfit.

Exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When you workout, you are not only pushing your body to perform at the best of its ability, but you’re also exercising your mind’s cognitive function. Every day there is a new study published, stating that daily physical activity improves brain function. Since we are college students and use our brains extraneously every day it’s important to release all the stress that comes from school, and keep our minds healthy and happy by exercising.

One Simple Change: Heading to class after your daily workout session? Stash away your sneakers in your backpack, change into a pair of black boots and a chambray top for a more relaxed and polished look for school.