March 1st, 2016 at 2:10am

This Fashionista’s vibrant pair of yellow kicks caught my eye in a hip hop class full of powerful dancing, attitude and about 40 other pairs of great sneakers. Her personality and style shone through her moves as well as her shoes, all while feeling comfortable and prepared for the intense workout that would ensue.

With any workout ensemble, there is a fine balance between feeling confident and being practical. I truly believe that if you know you look good, you’ll be more confident and therefore more likely to kick your workout’s butt, whether that workout is a dance class or a strenuous lifting session.

This outfit is perfectly suitable for breaking a sweat and breaking a dance move. Hip hop dancing, in comparison to other dance forms such as ballet, takes a certain amount of skill, effort and control; but most importantly, it demands expression and attitude. It’s best to be wearing something comfortable, relaxed and exercise appropriate, but you should also feel as confident as if you were a backup dancer for Beyoncé herself. This Fashionista’s outfit is functional, fashionable, and personalized just to her liking. She layers a tied chambray button-down shirt over a comfortable (and workout-approved) pair of black leggings and patterned crop top, then adds her own fun and characteristics elements, such as a logo hat and her signature pair of bright footwear that first drew my attention. Her leggings and top allow her to move, her button-down top provides an extra layer and her shoes are not only perfect for dancing on hardwood floors, but they bring the whole number to another level.

One Simple Change: Want to go to class directly before or after your workout? Stash your sneakers in your backpack (no street shoes on the dance floor!), opt for a pair of black boots and wear the chambray top over your crop top to stay polished and warm.