January 13th, 2016 at 2:00am

This look is that perfect go-to outfit when you’re in the mood for a good, long run. Since weather fluctuates here in Mississippi so often, outfits must be able to be universally worn. One day, it can be 32 degrees and freezing, but in two days, it can be 72 and sunny. This Fashionista has on an outfit that can be universal for those unknown weather days. Leggings with the fun bright colors, a long sleeve thin black tee so it doesn’t get too hot, and the blue sports bra to tie everything together.

This look is fashionable because these pieces are classic. The sunglasses are perfect for when it is too sunny and you may need to block out the haters so you can focus on getting your steps, or strides in, as well as the level of sweat currently pouring out from your forehead. (We’ve all been there).

Because this is a workout outfit, I would suggest wearing a different workout top. Depending on the temperature outside, it could be a tight or flowy tank top that’s a different color. A cobalt blue top would match perfectly with these fun lululemon leggings. If it’s winter, maybe a fitted front-zip jacket will suffice. As for running shoes, this is the one and only time where I will actually say that support is more important than style. Now go out, get your cute work out outfit and get to that type of exercise you so enjoy.

One Simple Change: This look is also transitional because it can totally born worn to run errands in after your workout. Just put on a cap to cover up your sweaty hair and a different top to change into to run errands in style.