February 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

There are days where you have time to put an outfit together and look super trendy, but some days you may have a difficult time fitting lunch in. There are days where you may leave your dorm room at 7:00 a.m. and not return until 7:00 a.m. Within that time frame you have three classes, meetings with professors, group meetings, work, homework and the gym.

Our backpacks and purses can only be so big. We have to fit our folders, notebooks, textbooks and a bunch of random items in these bags that we have to carry around all day. This leaves little to no room for tennis shoes and gym clothes. If you are planning on leaving in the morning and not able to return to your room until later in the evening, but you want to hit up the gym in between classes, you will most likely wear your gym clothes all day. I do this all of the time. The issue is that I want to look cute even though I am wearing my gym clothes. Ponytails or braids are never a bad idea. They are simple and stylish. Spandex pants and boots are also not a bad look for the winter. Now workout tops are typically tank tops so you will have to wear something else overtop.

What I suggest wearing is either a cardigan or maybe a jean button-up shirt. A jean jacket would also work! This Fashionista has a long and hectic day ahead of her. She is wearing her Spandex workout pants, a workout top, a cardigan and boots. She managed to stuff her tennis shoes into her backpack for when she hits up the gym. This outfit totally works! Although she is wearing workout clothes, she still looks stylish and put together. By her swapping a hoodie out for a cardigan, she looks comfy and stylish. She could have also thrown a scarf on. This Fashionista has a full planner but that does not stop her from looking trendy and prepared for the day.

One Simple Change: Maybe you have a busy Saturday but you still want to grab brunch with your friends. Throw on an oversized sweater instead of the cadigan and you will be ready to go! The cardigan also works. The sweater would just cover up the fact that you have a workout tank top on.