January 28th, 2016 at 2:00am

It is the beginning of the semester, and with that in mind, everyone is trying to keep up with their recently made New Year’s resolution. With this in mind, a major resolution is to keep up with your health and fitness. In the mean time, we all also have class. So, you’re wondering how you’re going to maintain your New Year’s resolution and keep up with your day-to-day school life of classes and homework. Well, here’s how.

Athletic wear can be practical, yet fashionable. In this look, you can see a patterned sports bra underneath a cute and comfortable sports jacket. The jacket has a very fitted style and also allows for some warmth. Add in a cute pair of leggings and some shoes to endure the winter weather, and you’re all set.

This look is essential for someone constantly on the go. It allows the Fashionista to dress cute while also being practical, so that they can hit the gym in their free time, whether it is in-between classes or after. Place your sneakers in your backpack, and you’re really all set to go. Not only is this look comfy, but it allows you to be prepared for multiple occasions.

One Simple Change: If you leave the jacket open and add a cute scarf, this look doesn’t have to just be for working out on the go. By adding the scarf, you can completely change the vibe of the outfit and it doesn’t just have to be for working out. It gives the look an overall more fashionable vibe so you’re ready to hit classes and your gym whenever necessary.